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It is easy to forget that Northern California has so many great destinations, including Stockton, California, a small town just outside San Francisco and within easy reach of the Bay Area. It crosses watercourses and rivers, offering a variety of family-oriented activities that appeal to almost every taste, and is a convenient stop for day trippers. The city, which has more than 2,000 inhabitants and about 1.5 million inhabitants, offers a variety of restaurants and accommodation for day trippers. If you live in or near the city of St. Paul, Minnesota, or Lake Tahoe, you can drop by in no time and be one with both.

Stockton is a true melting pot, providing a community rich in culinary experiences, and it's hard to get it wrong in one of the city's many craft beer bars and wine restaurants. Craft beer fans will find it easy to have a cold drink and be cheerful in Stockton, but there are plenty of other options for beer lovers, such as local breweries and craft breweries.

If you want to visit Stockton in a very warm time, the hottest months are July, August and then September. As the farthest inland port on the west coast, it enjoys a delta-like breeze that keeps you comfortable, but if you're looking for dry weather, it's July / August. Then June is the best time of year for the city, with temperatures in the 70s and 80s.

Stockton is close to the lake and can serve as a stop and rendezvous point on the way to another place, but it is not just its location that makes Stockton what it is. It's also a place to be in the area, which means you can search for downtown on Google Maps or call Stockton and check Yelp for local businesses. Stocktons is located near Lake Tahoe National Park and the San Joaquin River, so it can be served as the rest of your meeting place, either on the go or in one place. Stockson is located just a few miles north of the city of San Jose and about a half-hour drive from downtown.

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Take Interstate 580, merge onto Interstate 5 and merge onto the south side of Stockton, north of the Interstate 880 freeway intersection. Take I-580 and merge onto Interstate 780 at the north end of St. John's Boulevard and then onto Interstate 10. Merge onto Interstate 5, take the freeway to its southern end on Interstate 980 and then into the city of San Jose.

Take US Route 50 from South Lake Tahoe west to Sacramento and then north to Stockton via Interstate 580, Interstate 880 and Interstate 10. From Sacramento, there are two main routes to Stockton: US-50 from Sacramento to San Francisco and I-580 from San Jose to St. John's, California. It is located in the San Joaquin Valley, about 30 miles north of San Diego and about 20 miles south of Los Angeles.

The small town offers access to Yosemite National Park, where you can hike, ride and hike. Our family arrived in the vibrant city of Bakersfield in just over three and a half hours of fun and had a great time on our first trip to Stockton, California.

Although it is 70 miles from the coast, Stockton is set in a winding canal that has carved its way through the San Joaquin Valley and the Sierra Nevada. Get ready to spend the day in one of the many restaurants, bars, shops and entertainment venues in the city. Spend the night in the city centre, where you can enjoy live music, baseball and ice hockey on the streets, as well as a variety of restaurants and bars.

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More About Stockton